Withings Scanwatch Review

withings scanwatch
withings scanwatch

Everybody is used to the concept of smartwatches, but Withings came out with the Scanwatch which has a direct and strong focus on overall health. If you are looking for a smartwatch that makes your health the priority, Withings has that priority front and center.

See, most smartwatches try to be a lot of different things for a lot of different people. They not only measure activity but at times the focus can be everywhere. Withings as a company has focused on health and this is completely front and center. Besides the obvious that it takes your heart rate, it has a built-in echocardiogram and oxygen meter. Yes, it can do an EKG on the fly and tell how much oxygen you have in your blood.

As a male of a certain age, our health has become more and more front and center. I don’t simply want to know my weight and steps. There are many times I feel like once you break 40 there is this unspoken fear.  “Am I having a heart attack?” Nobody likes to talk about it but soon heart health becomes more and more of a priority.

Of course, this has disclaimers that this should not be used to replace a doctor, nor should it be. The purpose here is to give you better information. It gives you information on your heart rate as well as oxygen, and even sleep patterns. These will all help make better-informed health decisions later on. The information Scanwatch provides, of course, can also be valuable to your doctor and gives a much better analysis of one’s overall health.

Withings Scale and Health Mate App

We previously reviewed the Withings scale. Combining the two can give an even better picture and better insight into one’s overall health. The  Health Mate app combines all of this data into some nifty little reporting. You can get quite lost in all of the reporting there.

Besides that, it’s a good-looking watch. I found it really works quite well in terms of going to business meetings and such. It looks good, gives some great feedback, and helps put your mind at ease in terms of your overall health.