Top Men’s Beauty Products

I am unsure why we don’t do men’s beauty more regularly. I love the idea of getting products that are sold, out there, but the average male will not use them too often. I found my husband was simply using hotel bar soap, which can only be so effective. I don’t know many men who will treat themselves to such things so I think sometimes it’s a nice gift idea.


image of cardon men's beauty products for skin and hair

The first thing you see is a gift pack from Cardon which has a rather nice shampoo and conditioner mix. It might take convincing my husband to consider the Dark Circle Eye Rescue. But I felt like since it’s within a mix of other products, there’s a higher chance of him giving it a go. But he certainly liked the shampoo here better than he liked the hotel shampoo he usually uses.

18.21 Man Made

image of 18.21 Man Made mens beauty products

18.21 Man Made has what they call Man Made Wash, which is a shampoo and conditioner that smells like sweet tobacco. That combo, sweet tobacco alone certainly goes right along with that manly type angle. It really does smell like tobacco, and when used on a beard really gives a nice aroma.


image of reuzel travel bags for mens beauty products

I loved the idea of these travel bags from Reuzel for two main reasons. Number one, they included a sample of the products and number two they came in different colors. It really did make it an easy gift for quite a few men because I feel like every male has a travel bag that goes completely disgusting. You could then follow a certain theme like the pomade travel kit or the original beard travel kit. Each one contains certain products for that particular thing.

Buff City Soap

image of buff city soap varieties of plant-based soaps

Buff City Soap makes fancy soaps that are certainly quite a step above the usual hotel soaps. This particular set comes with quite a few varieties, which there is no chance he would treat himself to. These are all plant-based and made by hand at their Soap Makeries all across the country.

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