Top Products for Dad for Father’s Day You Wouldn’t Think Of

Father’s Day is coming up and we scoured the world for the best products that you’ve never thought of buying your husband for Father’s Day.  Sure you can buy him a tie or even a gift card but here’s some ideas that… you wouldn’t think of.

I didn’t want just regular stuff so I decided to up the ante. So below in no particular order are the top products for Dad that you wouldn’t think of.

Butter Cloth Shirts Does your man feel like they need a better shirt?  Maybe a soft one. Well you’re in luck. Butter cloth feels like butter! These things are so soft, your man will be thrilled.  Like regular shirts feel like hard and stiff cardboard. If your hubbie complains about the feel of the t-shirts this shirt beings it to the next level.
Glorious Gaming
Glorious Gaming makes keyboards and mice that are the real deal. They have the flashing LED lights so that when your husband is working on the keyboard it can look like he’s on drugs or in a spaceship. I’m not sure that that’s a good thing.

I digress. These things look gorgeous.  The keyboard feels like a keyboard. The mouse looks like an alien designed a mouse and brought it to earth. They are simply gorgeous.

First Saturday Lime

Okay, I hate when he sprays the chemicals. Don’t we have enough chemicals in the world? Here we go pure organic and I didn’t give it to him for father’s day. I just used it right now around the house. The fun part? Those ants were clearly pissed off.

The next day they tried making ant-hills elsewhere and we promptly covered the new location to piss them off even more.

Sawyer Select Water Bottles
They advertise this as perfect for camping but that’s not why it’s an awesome present. It’s the apocalypse! Death is near! Covid! Riots!  When we find ourselves wandering the streets drinking gutter water, Dad can provide.

This is the high end of water bottles.  If the world is ending you are set with this.

Porto’s Bakery
Mama loves this idea because Dad is an idiot and can’t cook. So this is basically baking without the baking. You buy whatever it is and throw it in the oven. That’s it. It gives Dad a sense of accomplishment as he can now feel like he at least cooked something and helped with dinner. Again this is win/win because Dad feels like he’s not a loser in the kitchen and I get him to do something.

You want Empanadas? No worries.

Maybe you want a meat pie? Potato Balls?  Heck anything you can picture throwing in a pizza oven.

Tell him he’s running his own pizza over and smile from afar.

Mr. Lee’s Noodles
If your man used to eat those crappy noodles back in college you can now upgrade his noodle game and get him the real deal. These things are high end/high quality noodles that will leave him wondering why he ate crappy ramen in college.

Mr. Le’s also has flavors I never got back in college. The Coconut Chicken Curry is insane.

ecreamery Father’s Day

They make custom ice cream and that’s not the best part. The best part is they make ice cream sandwiches here. And that’s not the best part. The best part? Dad can’t eat this all so the whole family has ice cream while Dad feels special.  They have Mint, Smores, Chocolate Cake… well they have like every combo and gives Dad the psychological feeling of being important.

Smelly Proof
My husband is an environmentalist and believes in saving the earth and stuff. He yells at me every time I use a ziploc bag.  Save the earth and stuff. But seriously I have to get yelled at every time we use a ziploc I’m killing a squirrel? Well here you go. Permanent ziplocs.  I’m sure not permanent but these things ain’t going anywhere!

Am I not allowed to say ziploc? Okay, these are storage bags for the man who is sick of throwing away storage bags.

I love these little things. Basically when you traveling why should Dad have a regular little plastic kit.  These are storage containers that the Bentley of storage kits. They come custom labeled, magnetic, stick together and well, they’re awesome.

This is also a company that cares about their product.  Here they are in quarantine and their happy CEO is doing their best to keep things going.

Capresso EC 400
If your man likes coffee and loves espresso this makes things a bit easier for him.  It’s basically the best you’re going to get at this level.  It’s the real deal.

Making cappuccino or espresso is easy and honestly I hate those stupid k-cup machines. It’s solid material and looks gorgeous.

I just love the fact that if I’m getting my man a coffee machine I don’t want to get just a rinky dink run of the mill coffee machine.

Re:THINK Ice Cream
This is the healthier ice cream that actually tastes good. Now my husband can claim to indulge and work on losing his mid-age belly. Half the calories and half the fat, this at least is a healthier version of ice cream.

And it tastes real! This stuff tastes like regular ice cream and has one of those “I can’t believe this is…” effects.

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