More Toys You Can Scoop Up Now For The Holidays

I am sooo excited to share some of the new fun items we got in this week.  These are wrapped and ready to make my kids day this holiday season!  Grab them up now so you do not have to scramble later:

Flipazoo: my kid is a stuffed animal fanatic and as such I know this is a great gift idea for her.  Imagine two…not one animal options per one stuffed toy?!  Yup; we have ourselves an adorable cow meets pig scenario over here and its awesome.  The quality is great and it is super easy to flip from one animal to the other.  (So many other options available also: seal/penguin, polar bear/husky, chocolate lab/white cat, unicorn/pink dragon and more!  These are so super soft; a great option for home and on the go!  Also…they currently come with a “little flipzee” totally free!  The cost is $19.99 and the perfect gift!

Flipzee: I know I know… yo may think I am trying to fool you here but I am surely not.  These are 2 in 1 dolls that flip from baby to girl super easy; so many options you can even find one that looks just like you.  They are soft, stylish, colorful and also a wonderful option for here, there and everywhere.  I was impressed with the quality; my daughter is having so much fun playing with the sample that I think I may have to get her another so the first one has a friend.  (lol)  These also cost you around $20 so you can easily scoop up one for more than one little lady on your list.

Super Wings: Switching gears.. why not meet “Jett”, “Dizzy”, “Donnie”, “Jerome”, “Mira” and “Paul” and you basically have yourself a whole airline of adorable characters.  This is a line of cute toys perfect for holiday gift giving for anyone little one who loves the television show on Sprout.    

Each episode has a wonderful lesson and everyone learns the value of a true friend.  Prices vary; I have to tell you the remote control plane is simply adorable.  Your kid will love it! These are great options for boys/girls/any age.


More gift ideas to follow…stick with me.




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