Trending Shopping Deals on

We scoured for the best and most popular deals on as well as those trending deals.  It took us a bit of algorithmic work but we found that these are the ones that seemed to be ranking higher then others.

In addition, we have some “honorable mentions” from Walmart and Lego just to keep you even more excited.

Minnie Mouse Puffy Jacket

First off, the best deal we’ve seen is the Minnie Mouse Puffy Jacket on sale. It’s dropped nearly 50%, considering how Minnie is trending lately. It’s quite a popular play. It’s the traditional black with white spots and looks extra comfortable. Plus, it’s reversible.



Mirabel Costume

The Mirabel costume for kids is definitely trending. Nobody wants to dress as Bruno as we don’t talk about Bruno, but we can easily consider talking about Mirabel.

Waffle Maker

This waffle maker is really an elegant-looking design, especially for the 90th anniversary. It has the classic colors and classic look. I just love that angle because it really works well for any home and doesn’t look like it’s designed for kids.

Winnie the Pooh

They just came out with this Winnie the Pooh shelving system which goes along with that classic feel like the waffle maker has. It definitely says Winnie the Pooh without saying “Winnie the Pooh”


Starbucks Dangler


Pin trading and collecting is quite the thing and it looks like they came out with one acknowledging the Disney fans who are also Starbucks fans. I love that it retains the Starbucks style as well as the Disney style.

Play Yard

Walmart is a great honorable mention as they have a deal on a play yard. This perfectly matches the other classic items above: waffle and jacket. If you’re thinking of this, it’s almost half off.



Lego Castle

Finally, if budget allows, the Lego Castle is always a great buy. It’s classic and leads to hours and hours of family time.