Sunrize Tea Adds a Little More Sunshine to Your Day

Tea brings a Little Sunshine 

Who doesn’t want a little sunshine added to their day? Sunrize Teas offers a nice selection of high-quality hand-blended loose teas that are sure to put a smile on your face.

In fact, the company’s mission is to add a little more sunshine to your every day.  With every sip I took I think to myself — mission accomplished! A moment sipping tea can be relaxing but a moment drinking delicious, aromatic fine tea is a whole experience. I have learned to distinguish what is made tastefully and fresh — and what’s not, as I’m becoming somewhat of a tea connoisseur.

Trying the Teas 

I tried several of teas and liked the Balance Goddess tea a lot. The tea has a delicate balance of floral tones. My husband says it smells like potpourri — but not in a bad way.   It’s great for making either iced or hot tea although I prefer the hot tea.

I also liked the Ruby Red Chai, which, if you like Chai Tea, you are sure to love. I usually drink my tea with milk, however I didn’t think the tea needed either milk or sugar because of it’s full, robust flavor.

The Banana Luna Nut is another top choice for me because I love honey bush tea and banana bread. It’s a combination of both: a sweet dessert without the sugar or caffeine.

The Packaging & Website

The teas are packed in these adorable brown baggies with a see-through window so you can view the mix of colorful  ingredients.  I loved how steeping instructions are included. The website offers sample tea purchases for taste-testing to find your perfect blend,  infusers and wonderful recipes — even one to make tea martinis! The shop also offers tea wedding favors, which is a cute and original idea as well! Check out the wonderful teas at Sunrize Teas!