Our skin is a big deal; it is what the world sees of us and for many skin issues make us vulnerable to stares and general unhappiness.  TriDerma, a Company that used to be solely seen in Dermatology, medical, plastic surgery and medical supply locations, they have now launched into the retail scene.  This is a woman owned, family run company that truly wants to bring you the best product to help you deal with “hard to heal skin problems”.  As a person with sensitive skin raising kids with the same sensitive skin I was thrilled to give a product from their line a try.  I checked out their “Facial Redness Repair”; an anti-inflammatory cream designed to stabilize and calm skin prone to redness and blemishes.  I want to say that this is a product that you simply cannot believe isn’t a prescription.  That is how well it works.  TriDerma has such an impressive line of products for baby care, diabetic care, problem skin, first aid, after surgical care, foot care, acne and more.  Each and every item is high quality and contains botanical and organic aloe.

Next up, my hubby, the culinary genius who is always in a rush was thrilled to try out “Kitchen 911”: now this stuff is the best!  Anyone who has burned themselves, cut themselves etc will be loving this cream in their stocking this season!  This is a great and super luxurious cream that soothes with aloe-power, as well as protects from bacteria and swelling.  An 8 oz bottle retails for around $14.99 and would be a great kitchen accessory for your home!

Finally, and terrific for the brutal winter ahead I am happy to have on hand “Intense Fast Healing Cream”.  This can be used for people as well as your pet I want to add!  Over 200 ingredients make this a great protection for your cuts and dry skin and will literally wrap your skin in moisture!  Can be used daily and all year round!

For more information (and I totally recommend adding TriDerma to your families medicine cabinet) please visit  Winter is coming and you will be ready!


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