Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea

Twisted Tea Hard Iced TeaI like the idea of kicking back with a cold beer, but I’m just not a beer person. And although I prefer wine, it’s not always my go to drink. In such cases, I often find myself choosing a hard cider or a hard lemonade. Now, I have another option to add to my list, Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea.

Twisted Tea is similar to beer in many ways. In fact, beer is the alcoholic ingredient in the hard tea, but it’s not quite as bitter as just beer. That may be partially due to the additional sugar, but if you like sweet tea… well, if you like hard tea, you should definitely try Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea.

In addition to beer and sugar, Twisted Tea is, well, tea. The original flavor is like regular iced tea. However, if you prefer a flavored tea, they have that too. They have an “Arnold Palmer,” you know, half tea and half lemonade. The rest are fruity infusions, including peach, mango, and various berries.

If you want to try Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea, check out their website at They have a location finder feature, Twisted Finder, that lets you know which stores, restaurants, and bars near you that serve it. Twisted Finder even lets you see which flavors are sold at a particular establishment if you click “View Available Styles” under the location’s address. However, the only flavors I can get near me are the Original, and the Half & Half (the tea/lemonade combo), and that seems to be the norm elsewhere.

Perhaps a high-end bar would stock the fruity flavors, but the Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea website suggests asking your local retailer to special order any of the flavors they don’t have readily available. You’ll have to let us know what you think if you try them. Just leave a comment below. Cheers!

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