Valentine’s Day Wine Guide – 2022

Boen by Copper Cane looks like a serious bottle and a serious wine. It’s covered with historic quotes going along with that serious theme. It’s a glorious mix of Pinot Noir and other blends from the West Coast showing your dinner guest that you mean business.


La Conte de Terre Is a limited edition wine coming from the world-famous Willamette Valley, Oregon. If you’ve never had wine from the Willamette Valley you are missing out. It’s probably one of my favorite regions-  even above Napa.


Erath has a pinot noir rosé that is at a ridiculously good price point for what you’re getting. This is the first time I’ve encountered this particular winery but I’m certainly open to exploring it more.


Finally, in the shot, you’ll see Proxies which is a non-alcoholic wine alternative, an incredible idea that I wish someone told me about sooner. The bottle looks as professional as ever and the mix of juices here like cherry, plum, pomegranate really bring things to a wonderful level. This is a perfect idea for any of your non-alcohol drinking dinner guests.


FitVine Is a healthy wine that has less sugar and more specifically low residual sugar. Do you know what that means? That’s a wine that you can enjoy on Valentine’s Day and keep the weight off. In this particular trio, we have a Prosecco, a Pinot Grigio and a Cabernet Sauvignon. If you are dating anybody into fitness, the label with the runner shows that you really do care about fitness, and of course, getting drunk with them too, but that’s not the point.


A 2013 Voces Cellar Napa Valley Charbono. Let the year resonate in your mind a bit. You don’t often drink wines that are nine years old unless it’s for a special Valentine’s Day. This is a serious wine with a serious character that shows you know a thing or two about wine.


Ettore wine is an organic wine from Mendocino, California. The wine is a beautiful ruby red color with medium intensity and light tannins. Of all the ones we tasted this was actually one of our favorites,  definitely a wonderful bottle for a special treat.


Middle Jane is not a  neglected middle stepchild of a wine. This bottle of wine is from a wonderful vineyard where they have a tradition that females carry the middle name Jane after their great, great grandmother. How adorable is that? If that alone does not motivate you, I’m not sure what else will. But wait! There is more,  this is a wonderful Cabernet Sauvignon that comes from people who obviously care about their wine. Maybe you should care as much about your wonderful Valentine’s Day date as they care about their wine.

If you were proposing on Valentine’s Day, you will want a bottle of Gemma di Luna. The bottle has a blue coloring not far off from the color of a Tiffany’s box you’ll be getting your Valentine. With its sparkle, it just screams that this is a romantic wine. In addition, this is an Italian variety with the official DOC. That means that this wine is from the original Italian city. By far, this is probably the most romantic-looking bottle we’ve seen and if you were going to pair this with a box from Tiffany’s I would say the odds are rather in your favor of a proposal going well for you.


Columbia Crest has a wonderful limited-release gold which is a rather affordable bottle for what you’re getting. As you’ve seen in other parts of this story, I have a thing for Oregon wines and here we are in the Columbia Valley. For the price point, this is certainly a great bottle.


Elouan from Oregon is clearly making me happy. It has that wonderful Oregon kick to it. This is an oak Chardonnay from Copper Cane Vineyards. We covered one of the other wines up further so if you’re leaning towards white then this might be for you.


Casillero del Diablo is a wine that we covered in our last guide and is a wonderful wine from Chile that has beautiful notes of chocolate and coffee. But this also is a wine that I just love to match with pasta and a wonderful Italian home cooked meal that I’m making my love for Valentine’s Day.


This is a beautiful Tuscan wine called La Vite Lucente. What is more romantic than Tuscany? Nothing! Nothing I tell you! It is an Italian wine from Tuscany so if you have never had a wine from Italy this is a great way to get yourself into it. I would say this is especially a beautiful wine to consider when you have a Valentine’s Day date planned right after a honeymoon in Tuscany.


Chemistry has two bottles from the Willamette Valley and what is better for Valentine’s Day then a bottle called Chemistry. That alone should be getting you quite excited but this is a full body Pinot noir that packs a wonderful bit of a punch matched with a Pinot Noir rosé. You can start off your theme of the night with the bubbly Pinot Noir and finish off with the regular Pinot Noir. And for a bubbly Pinot Noir this has to be one of the best deals I’ve seen in terms of pricing.


I’m not sure if people will love this wine or hate this wine but for somebody who doesn’t drink and wants the romanticism of a glass of wine on Valentine’s Day then Yours could be the perfect choice. It is wine with the alcohol removed. It has all the taste of wine but yet it does not have the alcohol. This is not grape juice by any means and it does in fact taste like traditional wine.


In this photo we clearly got into our Bubbly section and Cupcake has come up again. The lighthearted rosé truly lives up to its name as  it’s only 80 cal. Then again it does say 80 cal per serving and I can tell you on Valentine’s Day me and my man are basically going to go through this entire bottle so I’m not sure if it will come out to 80. So is the Chloe, the other Cupcake bottle,  a DOC Prosecco which is basically telling you this Prosecco is a real Prosecco. So if you’d like to have the light version you may but if you’d like to step it up and not you can do that too.


Chloe is a bubbly that is suited for a black-tie event. It has the cute little black tie right on the front but this is a perfect Italian wine straight for that dinner out where you want to step it up a notch. This is not a wine for an average night of pizza but a wine for going out and showing people you are serious about drinking wine and you would like to look good in the suit. It looks high-end and not at a particularly high price point.


Martini and Rossi has an extra dry rose and I’ve grown up always knowing Martini and Rossi to be a stable and solid choice, where I know I can’t go wrong. For some reason for me, it also reminds me of going back to dinners in Brooklyn and celebrating with a Martini and Rossi.


Finally, we have the little bottle that could, a pink rose pop from Pommery. This little bottle packs quite a punch.  At this size, it’s a great version of the Pommery that I can actually afford quite easily. It’s also the size that fits in my pocketbook so my first thought was that I could bring this to the movie theater for that romantic date and just watch my spouse’s face as I pop it open. Please don’t tell him.


If somebody told me that Croatian wine was a thing, I never would’ve thought it. Do you know what makes this awesome for Valentine’s Day? My hubbie is a wine snob and I asked him if he knew Croatia had wine. Of course, he responded with the geography and how it seems to make sense, but never actually had it.  Now, not only has he never had wines from Croatia, he never even heard of these grapes. That’s what makes it awesome!

I’ve gone to restaurants and of course have had Chardonnay and Pinot Noir forever.  But I have NEVER had Posip and that’s frankly awesome.  It’s a whole different thing and honestly who wants to repeat the same. Plus they have some ridiculous deals on shipping so you can make up a whole package of happiness.

Now we’re going a bit international because we are hip like that. The first is the Unanime Malbec from Argentina. It’s a deep red that really goes perfect for that Argentinian Steak dinner.

This is followed by a loving trio from Corvo which are wonderful DOC’s from Sicily.  Now these are awesome because not only do you have wines you’re probably familiar with like Moscato but a uniquely Sicilian grape called; Nero D’Avola. This so impresses my Sicilian Mother-In-Law.

The Impostino is a series red with a series kick.   This is a strong red wine for going out and showing people who is who!    Another authentic Italian regional wine which beyond compliments your Italian Valentine’s Day dinner.  And this is quite a deal at it’s price point.

Impostino and Istrico are specifically Montecucco wines from the Maremma region. This bottle has so many levels of authenticity I felt quite authentic in drinking it.  This is also quite the deal and is also a nice bold red wine. Istrico is specifically a Montecucco wine from the Maremma region. Now where is that? Picture rolling hills. Picture the calm peace of Italy.  Then when you’re drinking this Tuscan wine think of strong flavors like dark fruits, tobacco and vanilla. Then close your eyes and imagine you’re not in this horrible cold winter!