Vivitar Deluxe Wi-Fi Home Automation Starter Kit

If you are as busy as I am, Vivitar’s Remote Start Control System will completely speak your language!  What comes in this box of greatness will change your life!  “Wifi motion sensor camera with voice-over”, “wifi electrical outfit with 2 USB ports”, and “wifi LED light bulb” complete the system and each one of these items is making my house smarter by the second!  I love how I now know what is happening in the front room or the porch at any given second.  Right from my smartphone I can view what the camera is viewing from wherever I may be.  I forgot to turn on my living room lamp the other day; viola!  I turned it on from the football field.  The app was super easy to use and maneuver.  This is night vision and anytime vision and I feel so comfortable when I am not at home.  Also; it goes without saying that the 2 USB ports make the “fighting to charge the tablet” in this house a thing of the past.  This is a great gift for a new parent, new homeowner or really anyone who wants piece of mind from the road.


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