Sleeper Hero

The “fear of bedtime” struggle is real.  Like really real in this house.  I just want my kids to get a full nights sleep without worry or upset.  I was thrilled to give Sleeper Hero a whirl this past weekend and I must say the little one is happier and sleeping like the baby she is.  This amazing story book written by Anna Richardson takes us through the story of “Luke”, who is afraid of sleeping and the imaginary monsters that lurk in the night.  Once Luke has his own “Sleeper Hero”, the sky is the limit in dreamland.  Your “superhero” protects you from what you fear and glows red during times you need your rest and illuminates green when its time to wake up and greet the day!  (Literally on the back of the included doll you set your desired bedtime and wake time).  The doll is super soft and the light is perfect to ward off the fears while not being too bright to keep up your child.  We read the book a few nights in a row, I tucked my little love in and Sleeper Hero took it from there.  Please do your tired self a favor and check out this wonderful product and recipient of “Product Of The Year” from Creative Child Magazine.  The storybook and doll set costs around $49.99, the book alone around $19.99 and the doll alone around $34.99.  Please visit their website for more information:



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