The things I am doing to make my office a better place!

Work is work and no matter how much you love your job, being home in sweats with a hot cup of coffee is always preferred.  I am a very busy working mommy and as such I am trying to break bad habits of ordering food in and just not taking care of myself as I really should.  Sometimes being “too busy” just isn’t acceptable.  I decided to write this blog post about some cool items we got in for review that I took to the office and I am thrilled that I did.

Community Coffee CompanyI can’t even speak to a person I work with without both my morning and afternoon java jolt.  This brand of coffee is simply delish; high quality Arabica beans in a variety of flavors.  Such a smooth cup of coffee; you simply must try their “Amber Sunrise Blend” if you adore a medium bodied bean.  Oh, and this company totally gives back to schools with their “Community Cash For Schools” program.  You simply save your proof of purchases and can apply the funds your school earns to items they need like equipment, computers, etc.  How cool is that?!? Maybe even scoop up one of their gift sets (or make your own) for teachers, coworkers or bus drivers this holiday season!

Vellabox: Who doesn’t love a candle? Home/office, it just doesn’t matter.  What if I told you there was a cool subscription service you can set up so you get artisan candles monthly? I received a wonderful “TangTongTavy” black currant tea candle along with a surprise gift of “Belgian Boys” caramel waffle which is the perfect complement to my cup of afternoon tea.  Then candle is a yummy combo of bergamot, tea leaves and musk which fits perfectly with my love of fall!  This particular subscription style would run you $10 a month and there are other priced options with larger candles and even more than one candle!  Check this out for your home, your office and it is a wonderful holiday gift!

Revablend: This is a wonderful option for avoiding the bad eating that comes along with the office setting.  This blender cup is non electric and has this cool blade system at the bottom.  All you have to do is fill the cup with your desired juice/fruit/protein powder and twist the rubber base and then roll the cup back at forth and viola you have yourself a healthy smoothie!  Since you don’t need a cord or batteries you can literally leave this at work each day or bring back and forth at your leisure.  They have cool color options and recipes on their website and you can also follow them on Instagram for more ideas and inspiration.  This cup costs about $22 making it an amazing gift option!

Airfree Air PurifiersIn my office (actually I guess my home as well) I feel like someone is always sick.  Having an air purifier going is a great option to get some of the toxins out of your body!  The “Onix 3000” air purifier is going to do just that for me.  This is an all natural solution to asthma, respiratory allergies, mold, bacteria, etc.  It works by having the contaminants enter the machine, the temperature eliminates the microorganism, cools and returns the air back out into your environment and there you have it!  This wonderful device uses almost no energy, is actually silent (TRUST ME!), is super portable and I think you will love it as much as I do!  Literally all you do is plug this in and turn it on.  That is it; no refills, maintenance, no nothing. This will run you around $280 and is totally worth it when you think about what you spend on refills and cleaners for most similar products.




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