Where Has AdaptiFIT Been My Entire Life!?!


When I had my kids we didn’t have half of these cool baby products that moms today have.  I mean every time I see those cute stickers that signify the amount of months the baby is I think to myself “why didn’t we have those”.  One thing I did do for my kids is swaddle them.  They both really could only sleep if they were wrapped tight like a “baby taco”.  I always did worry however about that was safe for them.  Would the blanket come loose during the night? Would my baby overheat?

I am giving my niece this week as a baby gift the amazing AdaptiFIT from snugglebumpkinz.  This swaddle blanket is self-stick and will not unravel all night.  Your baby will be swaddled in 30 seconds!  The material is soft breathable cotton and will keep baby cool.  You can even keep the baby’s legs out in the open during the warmer summer months.  This blanket actually grows with your baby from birth “swaddle” to actual blanket.  At this point you can use the AdaptiFIT for really any reason you have!  This unique product will cost around $40 and is worth every penny!  How many other baby items do you have that lasts for years!!

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