The Craft of Faith

Nowadays there is a monthly subscription for everything.  I myself belong to a monthly plan for snacks, cute bracelets/accessories, new make up samples and sometimes for books.  My little one and I adored checking out The Craft of Faitha precious bible monthly subscription box that includes four crafts.  One that follows with the Old Testament, one for the New Testament, one for Proverbs and one for Psalms.  These are a fantastic addition to what your children learn weekly in religious instruction.  You can work with your child on one craft per week and feel great about how each craft has one lesson about God.
Our craft box started with a cute picture frame craft from Genesis 1:1.  This involved coloring and sticker placement.  Next up from Psalm 23 is a completely adorable shepherd shadow box.  This we used scissors, glue cotton etc.  and the end result was an adorable 3D shadowbox.  From Proverbs 15:13 is my favorite craft in the box a heart shaped puzzle that needed to be colored and cut into pieces.  Finally from Matthew 6:33 comes a craft where you construct binoculars in your mission to seek God.  None of these crafts involved a ton of extra items (mostly scissors and glue) and it was really nice to work with my daughter on each and every one of them.  It was truly refreshing to discuss the teachings of God and have some fun and creativity in the process.

I encourage you to check this company out!  Each box costs around $20 per month and you can set it up for every 30, 90, 180 or 365 days.


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