Dēp Slēpwear Sleep Hoodie Review

image of the dep slepwear sleep hoodie

My mom and dad have trouble sleeping and get really cranky sometimes. We just got this awesome “sleep hoodie” to check out and after careful consideration, I am buying both parents one of these for Christmas this year.

I am talking about the sleep hoodie from Dēp Slēpwear of course.  This is an MD-recommended hoodie that has this super cool built-in mask and hood.  This means it blocks out the light and muffles any outside sounds, all while kind of turning you into a cocoon of sorts.  The material is that neat moisture-wicking kind so it will keep your body temperature cool all night anyhow which helps you sleep too.

I also want to mention that it is crazy lightweight and very packable.  This means you have no excuse at all to not take it with you on the road, on a plane (you can literally wear it on the plane), in a hotel, RV—really just anywhere.  It is already helping people all over the world (think travelers, athletes, rock stars, and really just anyone who either has trouble sleeping or has a schedule for work that causes sleep pattern troubles).

The cost for your long sleeve sleep hoodie is $99. Honestly, you have to check it out.  Totally worth the splurge.  This is a great holiday gift this year!