Wine from Wine Insiders

WineInsiders is running a deal for free shipping for 6 bottles. That free shipping alone gets me quite excited during Corona times. Wine also gets this Momma quite excited during Corona. So the combo is quite well.

How are online wine dealers getting stupidly good pricing? They’re making deals with the individuals winemakers and chateaus who would otherwise have a heard time competing with well known neighbors. There’s so much wine out there, but people tend to go with what they know or purchase only “expertly reviewed” wines. I’m guilty of that myself. Direct to consumer at certain price points can help people explore wines they might not of.

So we ordered, Vinum Africa and Trebuchet. Have we heard of them before? Nope! Not at all. But did we like them? Yes, I became a fan of the Syrah in particular while my husband liked the Unoaked.

But this isn’t a wine review. The point here is to discuss the concept. The idea that you can go to a wine site and try wine’s you never thought of and they’ll get shipped for free shipping is an awesome idea. Worst case, you didn’t like a bottle or two. That’s ok. Best case, you liked a bottle or two. That’s why I’d recommend you do the six for free shipping and mix it up.

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