All this quarantining has kind of inspired some family time we never seem to have “time” to fit in.  Every Sunday is movie night – one kid picks the movie and the other the accompanying snack/treat.  Puzzles are on every table in the house and of course we play some games.  One game that we recently added into our repertoire is kNOW! from Ravensburger.  In our “must know now” world we are all pretty google dependent and this game works right along with Google Assistant!  Both kids couldn’t believe it!

Yup I said that correctly – this is a multi-activity quiz game.  There are 1,500 questions and the answers actually change depending on when and where you are!  For example “what is the current temperature in Havana Cuba”; you ask the question, players jot down their answers and then Google Assistant actually tells us the answer.  Yup; this means the game always changes and is always up to date!  Talk about a board game that you could literally use over and over again.  You can be creative, you can use your own strategy or even let Google Assistant take you through the game without the regular rules!  There even these cool mini games included so you always feel like you are opening the box for the first time.

I have to say with all Ravensburger games we check out here I am always happy.  This company combines learning and fun in such a perfect way that you will always be happy!  The game is appropriate for ages 10 and up and for 3-6 players.  You can scoop it up on Amazon or Walmart.  It runs about $20.00 also making it a great gift!

Grab it now for your collection!

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