I got you guys a GREAT last minute Mother’s Day gift – really it’s an “anyone during a pandemic” gift.  Cupixel; this is an AMAZING and new at home art experience.

My daughter and I are really into art; she takes weekly lessons (or I meant to say used to take weekly lessons) and I find myself being inspired by her and buying myself art project supplies at night from my bed that I like to spend my Sundays on.  Ok; so back to Cupixel.  This is everything you need in one box.  This is appropriate for first-timers, crafty people and the whole family actually.

First step is picking your fave pic that you want to paint.  Next up comes the magic.  You use their awesome technology to draw the picture on your canvas and then add color with their guidelines.  Feeling a little stressed out?  DO NOT WORRY – the app has all the info and tools that you need to guide you through your masterpiece.  The box even includes the darn frame – all you need is the nail to hang up the darn thing!  Oh, and the tools in your box will work for up to 15 projects so if you feel inspired to do another painting (AND YOU WILL) you just need a simple refill box to get you on your way.

Whats in the box?  Nine mini canvases, 12 tubes of acrylic paint, black metal frame, device stand, brushes and sketching tools.  It is so hard to believe this much fun and supplies is in that tiny little box.  The box will cost you $69.99 ($89.99 for a box with a refill).  $20.00 will get you a refill box of canvases since you already have the other supplies.

Please check them out right now!  During this pandemic this product is music to my ears!

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