Woodloch Pines Resort Review

For this story we decided to have our 10 Year Old Junior Reporter write the story and do a video.

Here’s the kid’s take:




Woodloch Pines is a family resort in the Poconos. A property that’s 135 acres with a beach, trees, rocks and a lake. My favorite part was climbing on the rocks. It was really pretty in the fall and I liked watching the leaves fall down.

From the dining room, you could look over the beautiful lake. Our room was in the Spring Creek Lodge. My favorite part about the room was that it was really close to the water park.

There was great for for vegetarians and non vegetarians. One of my favorite parks was that you could have breakfast cakes and they were different every day. On Sunday, there was a big buffet with all of these different types of food.

The water park and pool complex had three parts. In one of the parts there were two hot tubs for adults and for the family. In the kids part, there was a beaver slide that you could go down and water guns to shot at each other and slides . In the older kids part, you had a water bucket that dumped on the kids and an area to watch the kids play. I loved the pool and it was really fun to play in.

The sports complex was great because my dad got to work out a lot.

I loved hiking with my family and seeing all of the beautiful trees.

I loved doing the bumper boats where you could bump into people and squirt them with water. I got stuck in the middle of the lake and somebody had to tow me back in.

I liked playing the Woodloch Ring Toss which is a game where you had to get the ring on a hook.

They had both adult and kiddie go carts. The rock wall was really fun and I even tried the hard part and I was able to make it to the top.

The petting zoo was fun and I got to ride a horse and pet all of the animals.

There was a craft room and a play room for the kids too. Plus a jungle gym and a game room with bumper cars.

One fun event was the trick or treating where you got to go around the resort and get candy from each character. It was really fun because you could get candy from all the workers in different costumes. And afterwards was the dance party.

At night they had a musical called “Night at the Musicals” which had songs from various musicals and at different times in Broadway History.

Overall, I think that families would love it and there’s lots to do. It was a really fun time!

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