Entenmann’s Little Bites

little bitesPerfect for your child’s snack bag with the start of school these next few weeks are the adorably delicious Little Bites Party Cakes.  They come in perfect for packing pouches each with 5 cakes.  My kids were already huge fans of the chocolate chip and blueberry flavor options; these golden cakes filled with bright-colored rainbow sprinkles make snack time extra fun and exciting!  They are yummy and light and give your child the extra boost they need to pick the pencil back up and learn away!  As a mommy, I love how the pouch is only 190 calories, they have zero grams of trans fat and contain no high fructose corn syrup.

In addition: “Terracycle” has graciously offered to donate $0.02 per mailed in snack pouch to the school or charity of your choice.  So awesome!  Simply visit entenmanns.com to sign up, save your inner snack pouch, mail it in and get money for your school!  I’m logging in now to see how I can get my children’s school involved in the action!

Little Bites come in the following exciting flavors: apple cinnamon, banana, blueberry, brownie bites, chocolate chip, crumb (also new!), party, pumpkin (seasonal), s’mores, and snickerdoodle.  Please visit entenmanns.com for more information on these and their other delicious baked products!


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