Animal Island Learning Adventure

Right now as we have to be home more often than before because of the pandemic, it can be daunting trying to keep toddlers occupied all day while trying to work and take care of the house at the same time day in and day out.  So learning games come in handy because I want to make sure my daughter isn’t just getting “junk” screen time.  That’s where Animal Island Learning Adventure Sit & Play comes in, it is a virtual preschool learning system for toddlers ages 12 months and up.  The system is small and light, easy for a toddler to pick up, carry around, and hold.  I like that it is one solid piece and sits on the table top or floor so she can get comfortable and play.  The Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) also has a free parent app you can download to track your child’s progress as they go through the preschool curriculum, monitor screen time, and set learning sessions.

The AILA Sit and Play adapts to the child’s learning style and engages them in fun storylines and activities with bright and vibrant illustrations and graphics.  Kids will learn and practice the alphabet and numbers through songs and stories.  Kids will also work on social skills such as problem solving, communication, creativity, and working together through the games.   AILA is preloaded with 80 stories, 25 songs, 21 lullabies, and 250 vocabulary words.  The animal characters are cute and animated, and they kept my daughter engaged and got her excited about learning.  This is a teaching tool that, yes, is a screen, but is purposeful and educational as well as fun so both my daughter and I are happy! 

There are a number of different levels the AILA that fit the different developmental stages for toddlers.  The age appropriate stories, songs, and animation promote academic and social/emotional learning and creativity.  The Animal Island Learning Adventure Sit & Play has won a number of awards, including the Mom’s Choice Award.  If I had an award to give, the AILA would definitely earn it for their quality educational and enjoyable system.  For more information and to order one, check out