Zest Fruit Boost Shower Gels

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My household is trying something new and super moisturizer-rich from Zest: Fruit Boost Shower Gel.  These flavors make showering a special treat: these fragrances are so rich and fruity while being 2x concentrated.  This means (1) 10 oz tube can last up to 40 showers containing more lather and more fragrance than you are used to!  All you need is a quarter sized amount and the lather will last and last.  Each tube also contains Vitamin C to help renew your tired and busy skin.  My household of 4 each took a fragrance into their own hands to try out and we were all thrilled with the product.  I tried
“citrus splash” which was a wonderful combination of orange, lemon and lime.  It was very refreshing and the aromatherapy was a great start to the day.  The husband tested out “pomegranate acai berry” and he was pleasantly surprised with how invigorated he felt.  (I actually think he loved it but felt saying “love” would take away part of his masculinity).  The kids both tried “peach mango” and “very berry” and both smelled absolutely awesome and felt extra fresh.  I do want to say that the bathroom smells like a spa day on steroids after each shower and I am loving it.

I think my favorite part of purchasing these shower gels is the value and quality you get for your money.  Please give them a try.  Truly a rich and luxurious product while not being heavy on the wallet.  Visit http://zest.com/variety/fruitboost/ for more information.  This great bath and body product line is available at Walmart.

zest fruit boost


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