Kiss My Face Moisture Shave

image of two bottles of Kiss My Face Moisture Shave

Shaving with moisture cream is wonderful. My legs feel ashy and dry in the winter. Since my skin feels dry in the winter I tend to use a lot of moisturizer.   Shaving tends to make it worse, until now. The Kiss My Face Moisture Shave is wonderful. It helps keep my skin smooth and it’s definitely a treat of indulgence. I tried the lavender and shea, as well as the fragrance-free. It helps get a close, comfy shave.

The pump bottle is easy to use in the shower. I could use it with one hand. The product is affordable. You can use a small amount and it does the job.

The product is:

  • vegan & cruelty-free;
  • a 4-in-1 cream formula that soothes, smooths, hydrates, & softens;
  • packed with vitamin E, olive oil & moisture-rich botanicals like goldenseal, lemongrass & aloe;
  • paraben free & phthalate free.

Kiss My Face Moisture Shave is great for dry/sensitive skin. I’ve used this and it works very well for shaving without any irritation. I’m so grateful I found this product. It works great.  

They also sell other bath and soap products, products for kids, deodorant, and oral care products that I look forward to trying.

Check out the website for Kiss My Face products and especially the Moisture Shave.

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