Sally Jane

Now this is a refreshing company to be introduced to.  Sally Jane: where have you been my entire life.  The company story goes something like this: Bee’s basically do the impossible and stop at nothing to achieve what they do best.  We as people should “just bee” and rise above to reach our goals!  Founder Sally Waite was faced with a terminal medical diagnosis and did NOT give up.  She started the Company, defied the odds and is enjoying her days with her son.  The “bee” is her symbol of strength and I couldn’t be prouder to have a one her wonderful necklaces in my collection.  I am wearing the “silver bee necklace” (gold and other size options also available) and I feel inspired when the necklace hits my neck.  Also available are beautiful hammered charm necklaces, chain bracelets, and charm wrap bracelets; items range in price from $39.00 – $58.00.  Please visit for more information and to make one of the best purchases of your life.  For every purchase made: Sally Jane donates $1.00 to Massachusetts’ General Hospitals immunotherapy research which is the next line of defense in the cancer fight!  MGH also supports families of sick loved ones.  I am loving what I learned about the “Bee” and what I am learning about strength from this truly inspirational Company! 

sally jane

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