Zippo Products are tried and true since the 1930’s; the company keeps bringing us lighters that are windproof and made super well with new ideas and innovation every day.  Their gift sets complete with fluid are the perfect gift for the man in your life for the holidays.  I recently tried out their best-selling “candle-lighter” and I am loving how easy it is to use while being super safe around the kids.  This sleek looking candle-lighter comes in bronze, candy apple red, brushed chrome, champagne and with a flexed neck.  It is very light weight and can be easily filled with Zippo premium butane.  The candle ignites with a light touch but using the safety button.  It is easily storable and packable so you are always ready.  For the upcoming cold months and all our outdoor activities, I am finding the “12 hour hand warmer” an absolute must!  Priced at $21.95, this is a great option for anyone in your life who works and/or plays hard outdoors.  The warmer is really easy to fill and really sleek and thin to fit in any pocket.  We had warmth within seconds this past weekend at our local football game.

To truly purchase someone a gift that “them” try uploading an image or engraving a Zippo this holiday season.  It is all very easy by visiting  Terrific gift options for your family, friends and yourself whether your needs are indoor, outdoor, accessories and gifts!

zippo candle lighter zippo hand warmer

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