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Who out there is looking for holiday gifts for their school age child that are both fun and educational? Look no further than the “Super Genius” card game series from Blue Orange.  First up is their clever “addition” match game.  This is for players 7 and up and great for 1-6 players.  There are matches for every two cards and these are appropriate for the basic math concept learner to the more involved skills of an advanced math whiz.  Match an equation to a sum, two equations etc.  My daughter and her friend truly had fun!  “First Words” is an adorable match game for kids 5 and up.  Here you are looking to match an image with a word, two images or even two words!  Calling all Kindergarten age students for an afternoon of fun!  “Reading 1” couples site words with images or two images, or two words.  Ages 6 and up for this one; and you would be amazed how one of my children at one level and one at another were playing together and having fun!  If you think you’ve exhausted the first set, “Reading 2” is for you.  Same concept, same age appropriateness and a whole lot of learning fun!  Finally, for my slightly older and more advanced scholar comes “Multiplication 1”.  Here we are looking for a match between an equation and answer, two equations or two products.  Somewhat harder but children ages 8 and up will almost forget they are doing math while enjoying the game!  I love this whole series and recommend as a stocking stuffer this holiday season!  For more information please visit  Such a great company with wonderful educational games!

super genius games

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