Zurena Caribbean Drink Mixers

In a previous post, I talked about how I rediscovered cocktails with pre-mix little cans. That was good stuff. It was interesting to go back in time when I was younger, and not into scotch and whiskey so much. Now I wanted to explore a little bit more and create my own stuff. Channel the bartender in me.

Here comes Zurena Caribbean Drink Mixers.

image of a bottle of Zurena Caribbean Drink Mixers and a drink in a glass on a table in front of the ocean
Zurena hand out

Spirit, wine, beer, or even bubbly for a mocktail, the Tropical or Ginger mixer are great tools to enjoy a nice cocktail that will make you think you are on a Cuban beach (I’m Canadian. I can travel to Cuba).

No one expects you to become a bartender overnight so after you buy a Cocktail Shaker Bar Set, you can head over to Zurena’s website and beeline to the drink recipes to see what you can create. There is probably something you can do with the alcohol you might have at home, such as rum, gin, or tequila.

This is just the starting point, and no one will blame you if you want to get a little bit creative. For instance, my wife bought a Quebec-made bottle of blueberry gin a while back. I thought it would be a good fit for the Tropical Zurena so I mixed one part alcohol and two parts Zurena into a cold glass. After a first sip, I said, “This is just the beginning of our trip together, my friend.” Neither the bottle nor the glass answered back. But I know they agreed.