Mo’mugi Tea – The Best Drink Out There

Inspired by the mugicha tea of Japan, Mo’mugi tea brings you all the health benefits that the Japanese people have figured out since the Heian period (794-1185).

Because it’s made of roasted organic barley and nothing else, Mo’mugi tea is the perfect drink for the whole family!


  • Good for digestion: Barley tea is a natural antacid and therefore eases painful heartburn. Barley grains consist of high levels of fiber as well that help with constipation and boost healthy bowel movements.
  • Enhances the immune system: Barley tea contains vitamin C which helps protect the immune system from various diseases and infections.
  • Prevents tooth decay: Mo’mugi has polyphenols and antioxidants that can prevent tooth decay. These potent compounds even help in protecting teeth from plaque build-up.
  • Weight loss: Barley tea is an ideal replacement for drinks that contain a lot of sugar. As a result, drinking Mo’mugi may help you maintain weight with a healthy lifestyle.

A 100% natural drink, free of caffeine and sugar! This tea is scientifically proven to hydrate better than water!

image of packaged MoMugi tea along with coffee cup and coaster

Every Japanese kid grows up drinking barley tea in summer like water. Always cold. And now you too can profit from all the health benefits of this drink! Mo’mugi is made in Salmon Arm, British Columbia, using the finest local organic barley.

It is a healthy and delicious drink for the whole family. More savory than sweet, it will delight one and all!

How to Brew

You can choose how to savor Mo’mugi, hot or cold:

  • Cold: Just add 2 tea bags to 2 liters of cold water and pop in the fridge for a couple of hours for a delicious and refreshing brew that you can enjoy all day like water.
  • Hot: Drop the tea bag into a teapot of boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes for a soothing toasty mugful that will remind you of comforting puffed wheat with an inviting popcorn aroma.

You can get the Mo’mugi tea straight from the official website for $13.98 or from Amazon.

The packaging is recyclable and the tea bags are compostable, made out of plant-based material.

Two sisters created the Canadian Barley Tea Company. They were inspired after enjoying mugicha in Japan. On their website, you can read a fun manga that tells their story!