10 Gifts Mom Will Love This Christmas

Are you having trouble finding the perfect gift for the mother in your life? How about the new soon-to-be mom? It doesn’t always have to be about the kids, so we came up with some of our favorite gift items for the mom who could use a little TLC in her life. But you better get them fast – Christmas is right around the corner!

10. GoalCrazy Planner

A planner that helps people set and track their goals, we all know a mom who needs a little organizing. She has a lot on her plate, and we want her to squeeze in some time for herself. With the GoalCrazy planner, you can help her start 2020 strong! The planner goes for just $24.95 and will help whomever you gift it to discover their goals, overcome their fears, take action and create a perfectly balanced life. You can get them online here or on Amazon!




9. EverSmile AlignerFresh

Since she’s always on the move, these whitening and cleaning on-the-go strips are great for the busy mom. This pocket-sized spray will come in handy when you need some freshening up. AlignerFresh uses hydrogen peroxide based, anionic EverClean technology and killed oral bacteria within 60 seconds of exposure. It can be used up to six times per day and it’s going to become your mom’s newest best friend. A pack of six starts at $39.99 and you can find it here, and EverSmile’s other products on Amazon!



8. Le Marche Amanda Piped Sleep Shirt

Mom deserves something cute to sleep in, right? It comes in five sizes and colors and is a staple to have in the bedroom. It features a high-low hem, collared button-down front and is so unbelievably soft, she might never want to take it off. You can get it here for just $132.





7. Orbital Facial Cleansing Brush & Cleaning Station

The TAO Clean Orbital Facial Brush comfortably cleanses using powerful rotational technology more capable than manual washing. Its spinning motion, combined with the silky soft bristles thoroughly sweep through pores to safely dislodge dirt, dead skin cells and makeup. Featuring a clean base station, it keeps the brush head protected, clean and away from germs. This is for the mom who loves to wear makeup, but hates the mess it can create. It’s just $78.99 and can be purchased on Amazon.




6. Intellinesse Face Smoothing Petals

These facial smoothing petals are made from a surgical grade material. Cut into universal shapes, they can be applied to a user’s skin to be worn overnight while they sleep. They are also a great choice for long flights, drives or for freshening up before you apply your makeup. They’re the perfect addition to mom’s skincare and anti-aging routine because they help decrease the visible signs of aging, are gentle, nearly invisible and leave mom with smooth, hydrated skin. For just under $20 per pouch, they pack can last you a month and save money without all those extra products in the bathroom. You can find them online here or on Amazon!



5. Grand Avenue Jewelry

Grand Avenue Jewelry is known for its elegant, everyday pieces that can be delivered right to your front door. Easy to transition between work and play, these pieces are affordable and stunning – mom deserves this.





4. White Rhino Bags

White Rhino bags are perfect for moms and for animals! These vegan leather bags are high quality and come in dozens of different styles. This brand is cool because they give back to wildlife; they give back to animal welfare initiatives with every purchase. So whether mom needs a new wallet or backpack, go the vegan route.





3. Paromi Loose Tea Sachets

With dozens of different types, whatever mom wants, she can get with Paromi teas. Made in small batches, these tea sachets are filled with great aromas and amazing tastes. We recommend for the stressed out mom, the chamomile lavender blend. Get her a package, or two. Each bundle has 15 sachets.




2. Mionetto Rose

Mom could use a drink once in a while. We recommend the different types of wines offered by Minoetto – but our favorite? The Prestige Rose blend. Quench moms thirst with a bottle of this… she’ll be eternally grateful.





1.  Illuminations Scented Candles

Not entirely sure? A candle is the perfect little present. Illuminations offer dozens of different scents that will cater to any nose. Whether she likes the smell of spices or floral, Illuminations has one perfect for the lady in your life. They’re affordable and last a long time!

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