Great Last Minute Christmas Gifts

With just over a week to go before Christmas, it’s crunch time for getting presents purchased, wrapped, and/or sent to our loved ones.  For those of us procrastinators, here is a list of some great gift ideas to start with:

For the faithful and believers on your list, Zoe’s Loft at  is a great place to start.  With great deals on apparel, jewelry, and even coffee mugs, there are a number of options to support someone’s Christian faith.  The selection of options is nice, and the prices will fit anyone’s budget.  The FAITH necklace is an elegant choice- lightweight and made from white gold plated stainless steel.  It comes with an adjustable chain and secured in a classy gift box.  It is a perfect reminder to always have faith, and will be an inspirational and thoughtful gift that anyone will cherish.

For the kids on your list, or even anyone who enjoys taking a relaxing bath, the Tubbubble’s line of all natural bath products.  Made in Germany for ages 3+, the Tubbubble products were designed by a mom and dentist to ensure that bath time became quality fun time for kids and parents.  They have a line of bath additives that are made with safe, natural, and organic ingredients that meet the cosmetic product standards in Germany (tougher than American cosmetic standards.  The colorful bath products not only foam or crackle as they tint the water, but they are made with soap and moisturizers so the kids get clean while having fun!  This is a great idea for a stocking stuffer and you can get them individually or in a assortment fun pack.  They also have options for a monthly subscription, so your gift can make them smile and be clean year round!  I liked that when the bath was over, it did not feel like you needed to rinse off because of a leftover greasy feel.  The pouches have instructions for use on the back and I tested, the instructions are even husband proof!  My daughter loved having her “special purple bath” and watching the foam bubble up.  Check out  for more information on the science behind this innovative bath product and order yours today.

Next is a cookbook that will be a hit for wine lovers and cooks alike.  The Wine Institute’s Wine Country Table: With Recipes that Celebrate California’s Sustainable Harvest is a brilliantly photographed walk through 23 of California’s wineries and farms.  It features 50 recipes that incorporate California’s lush agriculture with perfect wine pairings from California’s wine country.  Interspersed throughout are stories from the different farms and wineries and some history of California’s farming and wine regions.  The photographs, recipes, and narratives combine perfectly in the end product of a book that honors the generations of hard work and people that went into making California’s wine country what it is today.  This is a gift that will inspire anyone who receives it, and maybe add a trip to California to their bucket list as well.  Order a copy at

Last we have a different type of family cookbook.  From The Family Dinner Project comes Eat, Laugh, Talk!- The Family Dinner Playbook.  This is a great idea for a gift that the whole family can enjoy through it’s recipes, games, and conversation starters.  I like that it spans ideas for 52 weeks of family time, so it is a great gift to give before the new year for new traditions to begin.  The Family Dinner Project seeks to “make mealtime meaningful” and bring families to the table to share food and fun.  The meals are healthy and balanced, looking to utilize easy to get ingredients and recipes that are good to make with the whole family.  Each week has ideas for games, discussions, and shares honest struggles and advice from other families.  With tips on how to sustain keeping mealtime as a way to reconnect each week, this is a great gift idea for busy families.  Find more information and more ideas from The Family Dinner Project at



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