5 Things Vitabrid C12 Can Do For Your Hair

Vitamin C is the most powerful substance for scalp rejuvenation and is the most definitive and safest substance for boosting collagen synthesis in the scalp. However, Vitamin C typically has an unstable and vulnerable nature so it can be difficult to deliver it deep into the scalp by topical application.

Vitabrid CG, the main component of Vitabrid C12, is a transdermal Vitamin C delivered between mineral layers that survives for 12 hours in any condition, stimulates collagen synthesis and scavenges free radicals in the scalp, preventing hair loss. Both products deliver various active ingredients into the depths of the scalp, which alleviates itching, and dandruff.

To use it, you must follow six easy steps. 1 Pour entire contents of HAIR Professional Powder into HAIR Professional Tonic bottle.2. Install enclosed sprayer pump on tonic bottle and close tightly. 3. Shake the bottle to mix contents well before each use. 4. Before application, divide your hair into parts so that your scalp is visible. 5. Spray the mixture directly onto your scalp. 6. Massage gently for better absorption. That’s it!

This tonic is making waves by all the great reviews it has received. Here are five things that the Vitabrid C12 Hair Tonic can do for your hair with steady use and after quick results!

5. It can prevent hair loss and grow in thicker, beautiful hair: With Vitamin C, Biotin and other good ingredients that will help you grow a beautiful head of hair.

4. It adds volume to your hair: It’ll give your growing hair a nice bounce and shine.

3. It’s safe and won’t cause any damage to your scalp: It’s made out of stuff that’s good for your skin and hair!

2. It will set a regime to your beauty routine: Everyone knows that no matter what, your hair won’t grow overnight. By using this system, it will give a routine to your beauty regiment and allow your hair to grow on a cycle.

1. It doesn’t make your hair feel greasy or weighted down: It’s a strong formula, but isn’t too heavy!

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