Top 5 Childrens Books for Woman Power

Women’s March ’18 was this weekend in NYC.  Since I am raising a daughter, I am always on the hunt for books that show my little girl how many great women were out there paving the way years ago.  Ladies; this is before cell phones, social media and “tweeting” your thoughts.  Pure energy, strength and guts to say what needed to be said.  Check these out for your little ladies too!

1.  Harriet Beecher Stowe 

Author of “Uncle John’s Cabin” she basically helped push the anti-slavery campaign.


2.  Marie Curie 

Talk about an awesome lady scientist of her time! She won two Noble Peace Prizes (radioactivity and chemistry) and helped develop x-ray machines


3. Eleanor Roosevelt 

Eleanor truly made a huge mark in the area of human rights!


4.  Ann Frank

Ann’s first hand account of what happened during unspeakable times as she hid for safety as a 13 year old.


5.  Malala Yousafzai

Ms. Yousafzai is truly a heroine for educational rights.  She literally defied the threats of the Taliban!



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