A Great Gift: Madame Alexander Collectible Dolls

Children and collectors alike will love the gift of a Madame Alexander doll this year. Celebrating 100 years, Madame Alexander has been a pioneer of the doll world, creating beautiful and detailed dolls – that last.

At only 28 years old in 1923, Madame Beatrice Alexander Behrman founded the Alexander Doll Company. She was inspired to create dolls that could be played with and loved. She wanted them to be not as fragile as porcelain dolls, but also look like a baby that little ones would love.

The company has created thousands of different dolls throughout the years, ranging from storybook characters to dolls of high fashion with the vision of creating better dolls for a better world.

For mother’s day, we chose three of our favorite dolls from their collection. Whether it’s for mom, your sister, best friend or daughter, everyone will love these beautiful decorated dolls.

Birthday Joy

“Birthday Joy Wendy features adorable double buns and bangs. She wears a pink party dress with an iridescent bubble skirt and a pink satin ribbon around the waist. Sparkling confetti floats inside her skirt for a fun birthday touch! She has matching purple shoes. She features Madame Alexander’s classic 8” Wendy sculpt and has an articulated, poseable body. Like all Wendy dolls, she arrives packed in the classic blue Madame Alexander box with pink tissue paper.”

German Prinzessin

“The German Prinzessin is an elegant visitor from the Renaissance. She wears a beautiful gown of purple and periwinkle satin with a pleated full-length skirt, puffed sleeves and a laced bodice. Silver braid trims the elegant gown. She wears white tights and black slippers. Her dark hair is styled with bangs and side buns wrapped in purple tulle, held by a jeweled circlet. She also wears a jeweled necklace.”


Spanish Princesa

“The Spanish Princesa is ready for a fiesta en España. She wears a beautiful dress with a white bodice, ruffled sleeves, and red tiered skirt. Her dress is trimmed with yellow braid and white ribbon lace. She also wears a fringed shawl, beaded necklace, and has an elegant long black lace mantilla, which she wears over her curled long black hair. She wears black tights and black shoes.”


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