Capture The Flag: Redux

Memorial Day weekend and the gorgeous weather we are having has me all about summer and outdoors and late nights.  I know they still have school but I can’t help it- I want “no rules summer” and I want it now.  This weekend we tried out this great new version of the classic game Capture The Flag.  This time it glows in the dark!  It is truly awesome – it comes with 25 light up game pieces and allows for up to 10 players and even offers different versions to include even more friends and neighbors in on the fun.

It was super easy to set up with my kids.  We set up who’s territory was whose and where all the home bases were.  Everyone picked who was going to “protect their base” and off they went with the game I love playing when I was a kid.  Aside from these cool new LED lights – it truly was a night of “back to the basics” and no cell phones needed.  I watched them all work together to free their teammates from jail, sneak into their enemy grounds and try to steal the light to win.  It was really a lot of fun.  I also want to mention in comes with multiple game variations and new ways to play so it simply will never be a dull time!  Batteries are replaceable so you never have to worry – you can play whenever you like!

Please check this game out as well as the others from this awesome company Starlux Games.  This is a GREAT idea for any summer birthdays and /or housewarming gifts as the temperature rises!


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