Aldi Supports Alex’s Lemonade Stand with Lemon Product Specials

image of aldi lemon-themed products to support alexs lemonade stand

Aldi is running a promotion this month to help raise funds for Alex‘s Lemonade Stand. The promotion runs until June 29, and they have limited edition exclusive lemon-themed products like you see in this photo.

These products include lemon truffle assortments, bakeshop lemon bars, lemonade, and everything you could ever want flavored lemon. It all goes to support the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. The charity was set up to help advance the fight against childhood cancer. If you’re not familiar, it’s worth a read. It all started when one child wanted to make a lemonade stand to help raise funds to fight childhood cancers.

I’ve been familiar with the charity for years and love the concept of getting regular deliveries to your house and supporting a charity like this simply by jumping on Instacart.

As for Aldi, I’m familiar with it as the place to get the supermarket stuff you can’t get elsewhere. My friend goes specifically for the chocolates as they have an extensive selection of chocolate bars. My other friend likes to get products from Europe that she can’t get at other supermarkets.

Overall, I love that you can prepare for summer barbecues, buy all the lemonade stuff you could ever want, support a charity, and have it delivered right to your house in an hour.