Top Burger Alternatives – For a Great Barbeque

Summer is that traditional time for grilling, but what can you grill if you’re looking for something other than meat?  I mean, to some, meat is great, but maybe you want some burger alternatives. A burger that isn’t meat but is at least something different to try.

planet based foods

I’m sure you’ve heard of veggie burgers a few 100 times. I can admit that I’ve seen every variant of veggie burger known to man. That said, I have never heard of Planet Based Foods but now that I have, I want more. The concern with some veggie products is they’re either soy or pea-based products. What’s great here is getting your protein from an entirely different source than you’re used to.  A little variety is a good thing. Plus, they have other mixes here like the sausage patties and crumbles. This is perfect for the vegetarian who is trying to mix things up.

chefs catch

North Coast Seafoods probably wants you to know all about their fresh seafood. To me, the story is throwing on the barbeque a salmon burger, or an ocean burger. What is an ocean burger? Kelp! How cool is that? How often do you get to try kelp?  Plus they have wild swordfish and, as you see, naked shrimp.  See, when I jump on the grill, I’ve always of course limited myself to just veggie burgers or regular burgers.

When I saw this, it really opened up a new set of possibilities. See, I hate cooking seafood in the house. It just drives me nuts. It stinks up the house and I frankly avoid all seafood.  Now, I can not only make them in the form of burgers, but with a nice grilling rack on the barbeque, I can also throw on some shrimp and have some side dishes and really increase the variety of my summer barbeques.