Boy this frisbee can fly

My kids are trying to soak up the last of the warm weather as we are fearing a rough winter.  Love me some time outside with the kids that doesn’t involve tablets, computers or phones.

Enter the Windjammers Frisbee and we are off to an amazing start.  Wham-O, who made the very first frisbee has released a new, exciting flying disc just in time for the re-launch of Playstation’s infamous nineties game.  It is blowing my kid’s mind that they can play this fun game in real life as well as on-screen.  The video game is simple yet captivating: go through various settings while hurling a disc back and forth.  I am super excited to also tell you that Wham-O will also be releasing classic hacky sacks, hula hoops and slip n’ slides.  Ummm hello….slip n’ slide…..I just can’t deal.  And can’t wait.

My kids had fun for the evening and we are doing a block tournament over the weekend.  If you are interested in the frisbee please explore their website.  Fangamer is also selling these fab items for a limited time!

Grab this now as an early holiday gift for the gamer/frisbee fan in your life!

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