Altruette Charms

Looking for a great holiday gift that gives back to a cause? Please check out the wonderful charmed jewelry by “Altruette” and the sky is the limit!  Beautiful charms that give back to so many worthy causes; Global Giving, The Junior League, African Wildlife Foundation, Toys for Tots, Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, and so many more!  Basically, every charm represents a charity that “Altruette” believes in and each charm purchase includes a donation to that very charity. 50% of the net profit of the charms to be exact, go to the causes they represent.   We can together “change the world through charms” and get some pretty great jewelry in the process.  I love the quality of these charms; their sparkle and style is brilliant!  Pick one of their beautiful bracelets or necklaces, a couple of charms that hold value to your life and viola you are ready to go!  So many options: you can choose a gift very easily by the occasion you are buying for or even purchase a gift set which makes the whole process even easier!  If someone is looking to get me something, I would adore their “Year Of Charms” which is 12 hand-picked charms and a necklace and bracelet of your choice.  You choose the delivery dates and it’s the gift that keeps on giving!  Please visit for more information and to make a holiday purchase.


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