Aurorae Yoga Bag

A great holiday gift for the yoga enthusiast literally fell in my lap today.  I absolutely adore my new and really roomy yoga mat tote bag.  This will expertly hold a yoga mat up to 28 inches wide.  I love the magnetic closure of the bag and how it holds all of our equipment: towels, accessories etc.  There is an inside zippered pouch that will secure your personal belongings so nothing is falling out as you rush in and out of class (like I always am!) as well as an exterior zippered pouch as well so no more hunting for keys (like I always am!) This bag is also perfectly versatile; I will for sure be using for my excursions to the beach this coming summer as well as it being a perfect tote for a weekend trip!  The inspirational words on the front are truly beautiful; reminders of peace, truth and to breathe which are all things important for us to read much more often than we do in this chaotic world!  Aurorae products are available for purchase on Amazon:  Please visit their website for an array of additional yoga products and accessories to help complete your holiday shopping list!  The bag retails for around$35-40 and comes in an array of colors and striped prints (the purple tote which I have is pretty!)

aurorae yoga mat

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