Fan Hands

Calling All Sports Fans!  I just scooped up my son a pair of amazing new gloves that made his day!  What could be better than being the “biggest and loudest” fan in the stadium!  The great people at are here to help with gloves that feature plastic enhancements on the palms and when you clap you are truly clapping the loudest!  They are super soft cotton and comfortable (my kid is picky and he is wearing them proudly) and the plastic does not weigh him down at all!  They are beyond easy to use: wear, clap, party!  That is literally all there is to it.  You will be noticed and appreciated as your local teams hugest fan!  My son wore them pretty much the entire game and finally after hours I told him he had to take them off (LOL).  I love doing my environmental part by using a product made from recycled materials and made right here in the USA.  They come in such a great array of colors you will have absolutely no trouble finding your favorite team colors!  These gloves keep you warm as well as bring fun to the stands!  The cost around $10 making them super affordable as well!  I do want to mention upon visiting their website the company provides opportunity to give back through their Clap Out Series, dedicated to raising money and awareness to a cause important to you.  Such a great product and a great company!  Please check them out!

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