Being Conscious Of How Awesome Bee K’onscious Honey Is!

I mentioned the other day that I have been getting into tea drinking.  It only seems fitting that I also try out a new honey to go along with it.  Raw honey is actually a natural super-food so probably good timing to add it into my routine.  Bee K’onscious Honey is hive to your home; no additives at all just all natural raw honey rich in antioxidants and antibacterial too!  Every ounce of this honey can be traced direct to the farm it came from; how cool is that!!

I cannot believe how many health benefits you can get from the honey.  It suppresses your cough.  It builds antibodies to allergens.  Honey can help you sleep, it can aid in boosting your energy and actually act as a natural antibiotic.  I think my favorite feature of this honey is its traceability.  All you have to do is scan the code on the jar and you can instantly see information about its origin.  I couldn’t resist so I scanned my bottle.  I instantly had the 411 on the beekeeper, where it was harvested, facts about the honey and pictures of the bees and hives.  The website also has amazing recipes to check out (I am for sure working this week on mustard bbq sauce).

Check them out!  This is my new and now only honey in this house!

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