Best Gifts for a Home Office

We all seem to have a home office as of late. In fact, in my house, mom has an office, dad has an office, and each of the kids has an area that they call their home office but it’s really a corner of their room. Building a home office now involves keeping things that are functional as well as look good.


Cyber Acoustics
Cyber Acoustics
Cyber Acoustics

Look at this photo and you’ll see basically three black lines. Nothing that exciting you may say.  What’s the big deal? Well, that’s half the big deal in itself.  On the far left is the Cyber Acoustics docking station. If you’re a mobile warrior like me, you’ll want some means of plugging in your devices and this is no bigger than a hairbrush.  It has all of the ports you’ll need and it’s easy to get going. Just plug away and you’re done.  To the next right is the speaker which also serves the purpose of a speaker phone. Now I can’t use this in a library, but when I was working over a friends house and they went out, this is perfect. It can get stupidly loud which is great when I’m in the mood to take a break and blast Spotify. (Do you know the Spotify picked for you trick?) Anyway, I digest, but this speaker is much louder then it looks.

Lastly, is the Webcam from Cyber Acoustics, that you’ll see right on the laptop. This is a 5 meg camera which is insane. It’s super tiny and is even Zoom certified which basically means it’s built for video conferences… aren’t we all?


Do you find you’re a tra




Do you find you’re a traveling parent who has to make their office anywhere? SideTrak basically is a monitor that you can plug right in and get running.  I cannot express how easily I got this running. It was a plug in from the USB-C to the USB-C and that was it.  But even better, it’s ridiculously light. This barely weighed as much as my laptop itself so popping this into a bag and pulling it out at a Starbucks was nothing. This is also brilliant for conferences and mobile meetings.

image of vornado table fans for a home office

Vornado Fans

The first thing on this list is the Vornado fan. In this case, there are two in the photo, each that I love for different reasons. The one on the right has a classic vintage look. It’s classic, and it just looks cool so it works in any home office as well as any dorm too. On the left is the Go 4, which is a USB fan I can plug into any computer. I’ve actually taken this out of its holder when it was fully charged and I was going to the local coffee shop.

image of an emerging green lap desk and spiral notebooks for a home office

Emerging Green

In the above photo, we see Emerging Green‘s table as well as their notebooks. This is a totally different feel but the laptop table is great for the kids’ room when they need to pull it out and build their own home office. All of the products have a great home-office angle because the goal is sustainable and 70% of the products are made with sustainable material. So yes, even those notebooks are built eco-friendly.





Hexlights makes these awesome LED lights that look amazing on your husband’s desk. Imagine these lighting up as he has a conference call. They’re cool because they cover a husband’s two criteria:  Fun and Tech.  They change colors with a remote, but even better, when you touch them. Plus, who doesn’t like cool lights? You can get these on Amazon and they’ll show up in your house in no time.





We covered Worky before and loved it. Here’s there Office Anywhere version which is much, much more portable. The Home Office is what I’d use when I’m going somewhere for like a week and need a desk there.  Maybe, like an Air BnB. This is basically a replacement for the laptop bag that is SO much better. It has the charging ports, it has the white board and basically builds you a mini desk from wherever you are.  Match these with some of the portable products above and you’re in business anywhere.