Brondell GoSpa Collapsible Travel Bidet Review

We love our bidet! Everybody with one knows it: once you use it, you are hooked. And they are actually beneficial to your health! Just check out our article Are Bidets Good For You? But what to do when you are away from home? Luckily, Brondell offers a great solution! The GoSpa Collapsible Travel Bidet!

brondell travel bidet

With this small and discreet travel bidet, you can feel clean wherever you go. Use it for backpacking, camping, at hotels, gyms, and work. Wherever you can find clean water, you can use it. It comes with a carrying bag so that you can store it discreetly in your purse or backpack. The GoSpa Collapsible is made of durable, food-grade silicone with a plastic center grip and nozzle top. Just fill the GoSpa travel bidet with water (it can hold 500 ml!), pop up the nozzle, and spray the area that needs it.

You can easily clean this travel bidet with some soap and water, but it is also dishwasher safe for when you would like a thorough rinse. I personally love the small size of it. And maybe weird to say, but when it is collapsed, nobody really recognizes it as a bidet. So you can keep your secrets.

It is available in 5 colors: Black, Green, Blue, Gray, and Pink. So you can have one for each member of the family. It can be bought from the official Brondell site for $24.99, but you can also find it on Amazon.