C2 Clean Beauty Skincare

I am loving the C2 Clean Beauty Skincare line.  These plant based products that only have the good stuff.  So many skincare products have all these chemicals and hard to pronounce ingredients and really don’t even do what they claim to be able to do.  This is true plant power and will take over your bathroom counter just like they did mine!  They are made in the USA, gluten-free, cruelty-free and vegan friendly.  You can take good care of your skin without all the harmful exposure to harsh chemicals.  Also a little goes a long way so these products will last a long time.

Daily Brightening Cleanser: this smells absolutely delicious.  Its made from cucumber, licorice root and green tea extracts.  All you do is wet your face with warm water, 1-2 pumps of this cleanser in your hands and massage into face.  Rinse and repeat again the next day.  ($28)

Up next is their Dry Skin Kit.  This is a 1-2-3 line of only the best to nourish and moisturize your face.  Step one is Hyaluronic Hydrating Primer to prep and hydrate the skin.  1-2 drops is all you need and then you apply the next product.  Step two is their Apple Stem Cell Regenerating Serum.  This is going to even out your skin tone and reduce wrinkles.  1-2 drops.  Step three is Ageless Facial Oil.  This is your intense hydration (1-2 drops and let sink in).  Use this one morning and night if super dry or just at night for normal skin.  ($150)

Antioxidant Night Cream: this is pure luxury.  It is so thick and once again all you need is a very little bit to make a huge difference.  This is made from jojoba and avocado oils and will ride you straight through the winter “dry skin” season.  ($65)

Finally; don’t forget about moisturizing your lips!  C2 has awesome lip conditioning options in peppermint, vanilla and citrus.  My lips feel soft and nourished and the balm tastes yummy because it carries amazing oils like orange, peppermint, coconut etc. depending on which one you are using.  ($10-30 depending on whether you purchase them in a bundle)

Check this awesome Company out!