Six Feet Away

I have to tell you that learning about this company today kind of warmed my heart a little.  We really are in this world of “the unknown” and everything (even food shopping) is a little scary.  I have the kids going to school with an emergency bag of spare masks, hand sanitizer and even a pair of disposable gloves should something come up.  Masks are becoming a major part of our day and our “look” and I was thrilled to learn about Six Feet Away which is this great company that is trying to take this hard and scary scene and make it a little more stylish.  These products kindly remind people to take a step back and keep a little distance, all while being a fun, individual statement of fashion.

First there is their Six Feet Away cotton face mask.  This is a soft comfortable non-medical grade mask that has an opening for a filter.  The cost is just under $6 and easy to wash and air dry for reuse.  The canvas tote bag is super cute and lets those around you know to give you a little more space.  This reusable bag is perfect to use as you go through your shopping at the market and really affordable at just under $10.  How about a super stylish hand sanitizer holder/keychain for your purse/tote/backpack?!!  This is a vegan leather holder with convenient keychain clip and awesome comfy hand strap.  It carries a 1oz refillable bottle that you can fill with your favorite sanitizer.  It comes in great color options like beige, brown, green, pink and navy blue sure to match your favorite bag.  ($10.79) They also offer bulk pricing say you want to purchase these for your office/employees; how cool is that!  FInally, their super cute silicone bracelets say “Six Feet Away” and combine your personal safety with a gentle reminder.  Their cost of $1.00 goes completely to the American Red Cross and their COVID-19 efforts.

Please check out and support this great company that truly combines style with social distancing reminders!