I have the Smartest backpack out there!

I came across this super cool backpack today and I totally think everyone needs to know about it.  We are living in a world where to keep us safe we have to worry about what we are all carrying around in bags we travel with.  So many environments like schools, theaters, stadiums, events, concerts and theme parks have Clear Bag Policies which make me feel better to be honest.  As a mom we worry about the things we can control and sadly the things we cannot.  Having a clear bag kind of lets us all know what we have with us.  The great backpacks from The Smarty Co. are durable and will for sure last the entire school year!  It has a very strong bottom and great zipper pulls that will keep the bag in one piece.  That is music to my ears!  They came to be in 2017 and since then have won the amazon choice award for new best seller!  My daughter really likes it so we are all set for September already!  I am a frequent DISNEY traveler and one of the most annoying things we deal with there are the lines and delays at the security check point lines on the way into each park.  Maybe these kind of bags would make it a 1-2-3 process!

They sell a few different sizes (medium and large) and a few colors (black, grey, pink, blue).  Pricing starts around $25.  You will really like these backpacks.  Consider grabbing one for your summer travels, baseball stadium games, the beach, outdoor concerts and more!

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