Card Games For Your Family

We are doing more and more game nights here in this house these days.  Here are a couple of our suggestions for a great family night in.

Card Sharks: Enjoy your own at home version of the hit TV game show hosted by Joel McHale.  This is great for ages 14 and up and is basically a game of “hi-lo” while answering questions to gain control of the cards.  We had a blast playing last night.

Dropsy: ok this game was hilarious.  The goal is to get three cards of the same color.  But when you discard ones you do not need/want you have to hold them in the manner written on the card.  I had cards on my head, under my chin, entwined in my fingers…here is the kicker.  If you drop one; you have to start over.  Great for ages 8 and up and was so much fun!

Battle-CON: imagine a game where you are in combat/battle with 100 heroes and villains and you can customize your move so it is always a different game.  Yup; you can even come back from the dead to win the whole darn thing.  This game was really cool to watch my two teens navigate through.  Very imaginative and unique.

Winsult: imagine a game where you can literally say what you feel.  Where has this card game been my entire life?!?  Your card has a letter or a direction on it.  You have 45 seconds to come up with as many insults as you can.  I know…this is my kind of Friday night fun.  You can also basically come up with your own fun “house rules” so the game will always be different.  Harder letters get you more points.  Best time ever.