CBD Presents for Christmas

It’s Christmastime…time to buy Momma some CBD. I took the latest press packs, delegated them to various staff members, and compiled the results in one large Top Ten/Gift Guide for CBD Presents for Christmas.

Also, if you’re into edibles, we have a stand-alone story.

Easy Feeling Wellness


Easy Feeling Wellness has hemp products designed for the baby boomer generation. If you’re going through anxiety (aren’t we all through Covid), pain, or…well, did I mention anxiety? This might be for you. The gummies are easy to chew, but the softgels are quite easy to swallow.


Prana Principle

There’s so much to talk about but look at these bath bombs. Pop one in the bath and boom, Jasmine and CBD. They have other stuff like their lotion with lavender, but basically, these gift packs seemed designed to knock to sleep even the most anxious amongst us.


420 Brew Street


I loved their tea here. Sometimes it can taste a bit “marijuana-like,” but I found this to taste pretty normal. And honestly, who wouldn’t love this name. 420 Brew Street…I see what you did there.




I love how they say, great for sleep, pain, and stress. Yes, I’ve ordered all three. The softgels are easy to swallow and they have a nice supply here. They have other products too, but I just checked out the above.




I love Hempville’s selection. What’s really cool is being able to order the coffee, the chews, and the chocolate in one blast. When I’m considering this, it’s really awesome to not have to jump around to various shops and instead, grab it all from one e-retailer. Now I’m getting a bit addicted to the idea of the coffee/chocolate combo.


Mad Ritual


I’m so into the idea of these bath bombs. But I love this combo. They sell the recovery balm and then boom, jump right into the tub. I also loved their design for some reason, but that’s tangential here, isn’t it?


Strava Coffee


I think I’m into this Strava coffee. I love the fact that I can pour in my ground every morning and they also have these cup versions too. If you have a cup machine that’s quick and simple. But the ground also comes in two strengths which I actually find to be a really good option. If you want something more or less intense, you can take your pick. And the coffee still 100% tastes like coffee.


Smile CBD


These guys make a unique mix in their oil to both energize and unwind. One has a bit of ginseng and the other has melatonin. The two oils here are interesting with one to start your day and one to end the day.


Elevate CBD

This stuff mixes with any beverage and they mean any. If you want to mix it with your wine, so be it. Maybe you want to mix it in your husband’s beer without telling him. I’m not speaking from first-hand experience, but it’s possible.


Remedio Wellness


What you see in the shot are their tincture drops and the balm. Both are Hemp-based, so if you’re into hemp more than CBD, this might be for you. I loved their website and found it to be quite informative. I also love the free shipping special that they have.


CBD Samples Club

I love this idea, especially for first-timers. It gives you a variety every month so you can eventually try and see which ones you like better or worse. They also discount it so that you’re not crying about getting something you don’t like. This is probably one of the best options I’ve seen for people trying it for the first time.


Silk Bombs


I think they’re trying to up the Bath Bomb game at Silk Bombs…and succeeding. They infused bath bombs with gold. Yes, you read that right. So, now you can jump in a bath bomb and why not go and max out the luxury with gold. Who here can say that they’ve taken a bath in gold?


Ott CBD Coffee

I love the idea that these guys have CBD ground as well as whole bean. I’ve not often seen the whole bean, so having the options is great. Plus, they have one for being more chill and one for productivity. This particular coffee tasted really smooth and I loved that it was seamless and you couldn’t tell it was CBD Coffee.


Sapphire Essentials

I could brag how this is created by an aging expert, but I absolutely love their variety. I mean look at the choices. The CBD drinks I find to be absolutely the easiest but love their mentality. I feel like CBD at times can be marketed just to moms or a young person’s game but this is for those older in our community. The mentality is wellness and health at the forefront which is quite awesome to see.


Joy Organics

Joy Organics has a nice range from Bath Bombs to tinctures. Based right out of Colorado, they have a wide variety of products that are of high premium quality. Joy isn’t just a mantra of philosophy but also the name of the founder. She’s now going out trying to spread that love and “joy” with her products.


Imaginal CBD


Imaginal is run in America by a happy couple in love. They go through seven steps to ensure the highest quality. The gummies taste delicious and the pills are a quick fix.


High Falls Hemp


What a coincidentally named company. I mean, High Falls, hemp…well, you get the idea. Here’s their CBD Starter Kit which includes a small sample of each of their top products.  Maybe you’d like to visit…High…ummmm High Falls.


Just CBDJust CBD


Just CBD makes some adorable products for Christmas. Specifically, look at this Limited Edition banana and strawberry mix.  Yes, they have other products like relief cream, but this particular gummy just looked so cool we had to include it.


Winged CBD


I love both that Winged is marketed towards women and is vegan.  It was founded by Jessica to help her alleviate pain and is now scaled to a full-fledged business marketing to women.  They’re now running 15% off your purchase so check them out to see what works for you.