A Modern Version of Our Favorite Princesses

We just came back from our favorite Disney World castle visit recently and the planning was about 10 months of my life! It was a lot of work, but worth it in the end. I detailed every second of our trip (I know… I’m too type A), but I wanted to make sure my little lady saw every one of her favorite princesses. It was the perfect week of make-believe, magic, and non-stop smiling. We saw so many iconic princesses and it made our trip unforgettable.

I just had the pleasure of checking out an amazing Chilean digital artist Fernanda Suarez who is working on a super awesome project on Modern Princesses; or what they would look like in today’s society. The girl power/energy you see in their beautiful faces will really touch you! Love me some kick-butt Belle or a super-smart Cinderella. The level of detail in her work is unbelievable; such talent behind this true labor of love! Suarez will take you through her amazing process of color, definition, sketching, and much more, starting with the princess we all know and love.

Do your girls like dressing up as these iconic princesses? Here are some cool ideas for the next time around the castle!

Check out this video on how to dress up as your favorite princesses:


Cinderella is holding her wish book; the sky is the limit for this girl! Check out her gorgeous dress and matching gloves in this photo:


Pocahontas is so natural, yet so modern. I love the details in her outfit and the way she looks so effortlessly chic:



Check out Mulan! Her outfit is absolutely stunning and I love the way she looks so fierce and powerful:


Jasmine is simply stunning; nothing better than beauty and a love for all living things. Her outfit is gorgeous and I love the way she looks so confident:



Ariel has such modern-day innocence! I think this one might be my favorite. Her outfit is absolutely beautiful and I love the way she looks so carefree:



Belle is bad-a@@ and super serious. I love the power in her eyes here! Her dress is absolutely stunning and I love the way she looks so strong:



Would you take a bite of Snow White’s apple?!? Her outfit is so pretty and I love the way she looks so sweet:



There you have it, some of my favorite modern princess art and some fun ideas for your next trip to the Disney castle! Just remember to plan ahead and make the most of your time there. And if you’re interested in learning more about the dark origins of fairy tales, there are plenty of books and articles out there to dive into. Happy exploring!

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