Force of Nature Cleaning Products Review

image of force of nature starter kit displaying electrolizer, spray bottle, and guide

I know people refer to spring cleaning all the time but in my house, I do a deep fall clean as well (cleaning/moving furniture, purging, etc.) I am loving the cleaning products from Force of Nature we were sent to try this week.

What we received to try out:

The Force of Nature Starter Kit ($80).  This is pretty much all you need to get through any grease, messes, soap scum, or dirtiness that may come your way at home. It actually kills 99 percent of germs/mold/mildew also. Even more interesting and relevant these days (and I was surprised to see this in writing), it also is approved for use against Covid-19, SARS-CoV-2, and monkeypox.  This is like a big wow—think home, office, classrooms, etc.

What you get in the box is five activator capsules which will make a 12-ounce bottle of all-in-one cleaner/deodorizer/disinfectant, the appliance to “electrolyze,” power cord, reusable spray bottle, and user guide. Couldn’t be easier actually. I had an amazing cleaning solution in minutes all ready to go. This will replace basically everything in that “under the sink” cleaning supply pantry we all have. This is good to go for your kitchen, bathroom, glass cleaner, disinfectant needs, or deodorizing needs.  Each bottle will last you about two weeks. Oh…and it has this nice scent, very light not super heavy, so it will work in all your rooms.

No chemicals, nothing harsh, safe for your home, your children, baby, etc. EPA registered for school and hospital use. Make sure you check out Force of Nature!